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What role do you need?

“Know the Difference Between DevOps and SRE

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DevOps teams and SREs focus on different parts of the development pipeline.

DevOps teams and site reliability engineers (SREs) have both gained prominence in IT, but the differences between their jobs are not always understood, says Ganesh Datta.

Datta breaks down the difference into pre-production and post-production work. “While DevOps is primarily focused on enablement of application development and production, SREs are much more focused on the stability, or reliability, of the platform once it is in production,” he says.

The teams also use different tools: “DevOps teams are more focused on IT workflow and automation tools like Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, and Harness. … SREs are focused more on monitoring, via Data Dog, Prometheus, and similar platforms. They are always on call, so PagerDuty or similar tools are critical to them.”

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